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As a premier investment manager, Bank of Hawaii provides wealth management services to individual investors, foundations, corporations, institutions and mutual funds. Whether serving as your Trustee if your assets are titled in a Trust, or as your investment advisor if your assets are in an Investment Management Account, we are committed to providing the highest quality investment services to high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Although each portfolio we manage is unique, every portfolio is guided by our experienced, disciplined and personalized approach to investing.

Experience and Insight

Founded in 1898, our Asset Management Group has the largest, most experienced staff of investment professionals in Hawaii and manages more than $7.5 billion in assets for our clients. Our experience managing money through many market cycles allows us to manage your portfolio in a way which incorporates market changes.

The depth and experience of our team allows us to offer various investment styles customized to meet the personal needs of each of our investors, whether individuals, governments or corporations. At times we will partner with select elite institutional investment managers to provide our clients with access to niche markets and broader diversification.

Disciplined Investment Process

At Bank of Hawaii we utilize a disciplined investment process, focusing on quality investments and emphasize risk management and diversification through asset allocation to help you achieve your goals. We accomplish this by employing a:

  • Rigorous Security Selection Process. Securities are selected through a disciplined process incorporating sophisticated quantitative data analysis and the qualitative judgment of senior investment professionals. This rigorous security selection process strives to see beyond mainstream consensus opinion to construct portfolios designed to achieve your goals and weather market conditions
  • Risk and Analytics Team. A select team of analysts work along side each portfolio manager to provide critical insight before, during and after portfolio construction. This independent feedback loop allows us to continuously monitor the investment process as we strive to provide consistent returns with below average risk commensurate with your investment objectives
  • Team Management Approach.Our portfolios are managed by a team of senior portfolio managers and analysts, each of which are experts in their respective market sectors. This team approach allows opinions and insights to be shared, so that portfolios are constructed with the best possible information and are managed consistently over time

Personalized Approach

Integrated with our investment management is our commitment to unparalleled customer service. We work closely with you to create and implement a targeted investment strategy designed to meet your short- and long-term goals. This means we work with you to understand your objectives for asset growth, income, liquidity, principal protection, and tax minimization, and many other factors that may affect you and your family or corporation.

If you have objectives beyond investments, we have exceptional services to meet those financial needs: banking services, lending services, business banking, trust and estate planning services, and retirement services.



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