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Managing Payroll for Your Employees

Let us free you up to run your business.

How to Apply Call Us: 1-888-643-3888

With Bank of Hawaii’s Payroll Services1, you can forget about chores like payroll processing, tax filing, and W-2 preparation, leaving you free to attend to the more important job of running your business. Just submit your payroll data to us and we’ll do the rest.

Service features:

  • Complete, comprehensive, and confidential services
  • Save time and money on repetitive payroll tasks
  • Timely reporting of all payroll taxes
  • Fully-automated W-2 preparation
  • Heat-sealed bank checks and Direct Deposits for complete confidentiality
  • Extensive database reporting capabilities
1. Application and credit approval required.

How to Apply Call Us: 1-888-643-3888


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