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Bankoh Business Connections

A comprehensive online banking service to help you manage your business account activity.

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Bankoh Business Connections provides businesses with the information needed to make timely cash management decisions and help maximize cash flow. This comprehensive online banking service gives you the flexibility to move funds via the Account Transfer, Wire Transfer or ACH Origination modules.

Standard Features (Packages start as low as $10 per month. Some restrictions apply.)

  • Check images – View the front and back of your canceled checks
  • Online bank statements – View the electronic version of your paper-based bank statements
  • Account management – View the transactions of your Bank of Hawaii checking, savings accounts, and business loans
  • Account Transfer allows you to transfer funds between your Bank of Hawaii business accounts
  • Enhanced Security through the use of security tokens to authenticate users and approve transactions

Enhanced Features (Additional fees apply.)

  • Information Reporting – Provides reports and information to help you make important financial decisions
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination facilitates initiation of electronic transactions such as direct deposit of payroll, vendor payments, state and federal taxes via your personal computer
  • Wire Transfer pay your vendors in the US or internationally securely and efficiently
  • Check Positive Pay fights check fraud by allowing you to review paid checks online and decide whether to pay them  

Bankoh Business Connections Online Payments

Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of paying vendors or business partners and/or collecting funds from customers using Bankoh Business Connections. You can choose from the payment services below to best suit your needs.

Who is Eligible:

All business customers who have at least one checking account or savings account.  Automated Clearing House Origination Service requires an application and approval for service.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination Service is an efficient way for your company to collect or disburse company funds electronically. With ACH Origination, you can replace costly paper collections and disbursement with fast, cost-effective electronic transactions from your desktop.
  • Saves your business time and money
  • Quick, accurate processing of recurring payments and collections
  • Payees receive timely payments directly into their bank accounts
  • Customers can authorize direct withdrawal of funds from their checking accounts
  • Greater funds availability and lower costs

Wire Transfers are an efficient way to pay your vendors, suppliers or other parties locally, across the mainland and internationally.You can send money almost anywhere in US Dollars or a wide variety of foreign currencies.