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Merchant Services - Disputed Charges by Cardholder

What About the Cardholder's Right to Dispute Charges

Q. How does Dispute Resolution Work?
The vast majority of sales transactions are processed smoothly through the payment system (that is they are processed, posted, and paid for with little or no problems). However, at times an issuer may request additional information about a transaction and/or need to return a transaction to Bank of Hawaii. In order to take care of these types of situations, payment card companies have dispute resolution processes which provide their Members the means to correct errors and resolve disputed transactions arising from violations of their respective Operating Regulations. Through this process, Members exchange transaction information or transfer financial liability.

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Q. What is Presentment?
Presentment is the normal way Bank of Hawaii passes on the transaction to the cardholder’s bank. The payment card company credits Bank of Hawaii and debits the cardholder’s bank.

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Q. What is a Chargeback?
A chargeback provides a cardholder’s bank with a way to return the original sales due to a dispute by the cardholder; basically, the cardholder’s bank reverses a sales transaction.

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