Helpful Terms

Charitable Status – Grants will only be paid to an organization that is exempt from federal taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as a public charity. Some foundations will accept the use of a fiscal sponsor (an unrelated charity that will sponsor and accept responsibility for oversight of the grant use). Some foundations may provide grants to churches.

Tuition Aid – Although some foundations provide grants to Hawaii private schools and colleges for tuition aid programs, all college scholarships to individuals that are provided by foundations administered at Bank of Hawaii are processed through the Hawaii Community Foundation. Contact them at (808) 566-5570 or toll-free at (888) 731-3863.

Grants to Individuals – Bank of Hawaii recognizes that there is often tremendous need by individuals for support for various purposes; however, the foundations provide grants to public charities that work closely with persons in need and do not provide any grants directly to individuals.

Endowment funding – The foundations are generally permanent endowments; therefore, they do not provide grants to endowment funds.

Operating support – Some foundations will provide operating support to a charity, often to a young charity or for a limited number of years.

Programs FBO schools – Grant requests for programs administered by charitable organizations and involving school or classroom participation need to indicate which schools have agreed to the program and an approximate number of students that will be involved in and/or benefiting from the program.

Major capital grants – Although many foundations will consider support for capital needs, some will not consider funding major capital, defined as capital campaigns, projects or purchases costing $500,000 or more.

Program feasibility and Board Commitment – Foundations look for feasibility of a program, including sufficient infrastructure within the charity to administer it and all sources of funding in addition to that of other foundations and the government. Some foundations also review the charity’s Board commitment, including personal financial support and participation in fundraising activities.

Final reports – Charities are expected to provide a report to each foundation that provides a grant. Many will not consider another grant request if a final report has not been submitted for a prior grant.

Time expectations – After the grant submission deadline, the foundation may take up to 90 days before final action is taken (or before a final decision is made).