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During uncertain economic times, many seek financial resources to safeguard their assets. To help you make better decisions when it comes to money management, Bank of Hawaii is committed to providing you with the tools you need.

As a service to the community, we will be hosting a free series of “Bank of Hawaii SmartMoney Seminars” throughout the year, covering different financial topics like how to save and invest, how to protect yourself against fraud, and more. Free and open for anyone to attend, we hope that these seminars will arm you with the knowledge to keep you financially safe.

To have one of the Bank of Hawaii SmartMoney Seminar presented* at your next gathering, please email

SmartMoney Seminars are designed and intended to be educational and to provide program attendees (and others who use these materials) with general information on particular topics. The information contained in these materials and in accompanying presentations shall not be construed as insurance, financial, investment, estate planning, tax, legal, compliance, accounting, or other professional services or advice by Bank of Hawaii, or by the authors or presenters of the programs. You should seek specific and timely advice from the appropriate professionals before acting on any content of these materials.

While Bank of Hawaii tries to provide accurate information in its SmartMoney Seminar materials, and in accompanying presentations, Bank of Hawaii does not guarantee the accuracy of these materials or presentations. The necessarily generic nature of these materials and accompanying presentations may not always reflect frequently changing state and federal regulations. Bank of Hawaii does not update, correct, or modify the information contained in these materials.

By accessing and viewing these materials, you acknowledge and agree that you understand and have read this disclaimer and further acknowledge that Bank of Hawaii disclaims all liability and responsibility for claims or damages that may result from reliance on these material as well as from any errors or inaccuracies in these materials or accompanying presentations and from any transactions that may employ any information contained in these materials or accompanying presentations.

SmartMoney Seminars schedule is offered based on presenters’ availability and is subject to change or cancellation. In the event of a change in schedule or seminar cancellation, a notification will be sent to the participant's email address provided at the time of registration.