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  Kids Only Savings Regular Savings Personal Money Market Savings Bonus Rate Savings Bankohana Bonus Rate Savings1 Bankohana Bonus Rate Savings Plus1
Minimum Opening Deposit $25 $100; $300 for online account opening $100 $100; $500 for online account opening $100 $100
Balance Requirement None $300 Minimum Daily Balance $1,000 Minimum Daily or $2,500 Average Daily Balance $5002 Minimum Daily Balance None3 None3
Monthly Service Fee if Balance Below Minimum Requirement None $5 $8 $52 None3 None3
Bankoh BankCard Must be at least 16 Free Free Free Free Free
Minimum Monthly Deposit to Obtain Bonus Interest When No Withdrawals Are Made -- -- -- $25 $25 $100
  1. Must have a Bankohana checking account.
  2. Monthly service fee can be avoided if monthly deposit(s) totals at least $25 and no withdrawals are made for the month.
  3. Balance requirement and monthly service fee are based on the combined balance requirements for Bankohana.