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Managing Your Checking Account

We want to help you manage your account to minimize overdrafts.

We offer tools and services to help you keep track of your transactions.

Keep track of deposits and withdrawals made to your account, including:

You have multiple ways to access your account balance and activity, including:

Overdraft Protection

The Overdraft Protection from Savings service can help prevent returned checks and overdrafts on your checking account. There's no cost to sign up for Overdraft Protection from Savings. However, transfer and other fees1 apply when a transfer is made. Certain requirements and restrictions2 apply.


CoverCheck provides automatic overdraft protection up to your available credit limit, thereby giving you financial peace of mind. Application and credit approval required. Certain requirements and restrictions apply, please see Bankoh CoverCheck Agreement and Disclosure Statement for further details.

Online Banking Alerts

Alerts can be created on e-Bankoh to:

  • Confirm transfers
  • Provide notification when a deposit or check has cleared
  • Provide notification when your account reaches a designated minimum or maximum balance

Learn how to sign up on e-Bankoh to receive alerts >>

1. Please see our Fee Schedule and Overdraft Protection from Savings Authorization form for more information.
2. Not available for EASE by Bank of Hawaii accounts.