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Bank of Hawaii Warns of Fradulent Voice Phishing Scam

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Bank of Hawaii is warning of fraudulent telephone calls being made to customers and non-bank customers. The caller states that the bank is notifying credit card holders that they can obtain a better interest rate, and requests certain personal information, including name and credit card number, to do so. The scammers are spoofing a real Bank of Hawaii telephone number on recipients’ Caller ID.

Here are some important reminders:

  • Bank of Hawaii does not call, email or text message customers requesting personal I.D. information (name, SSN, PIN, account numbers, passwords, etc.)
  • Any such request asking for personal information should be viewed as highly suspicious and recipients should hang up.
  • Recipients should confirm the validity of suspicious requests by contacting the company supposedly making the call using phone numbers or email addresses that are known to be legitimate.
  • In the event a Bank of Hawaii customer mistakenly provided personal information, he or she should immediately contact Bank of Hawaii at: 1-888-643-3888 and press “0.” For more information on how to protect against identity theft and phishing, visit the Bank of Hawaii website at www.boh.com/idtheft.