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What are Online Bank Documents?

Instead of receiving your bank documents via U.S. Postal Mail, get electronic versions delivered straight to e-Bankoh.

Eligible Online Bank Documents include:

Statements - Checking and savings accounts
Notices - Overdraft, inactive account and excessive transactions from savings.
Tax Forms - Such as, 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement (home equity line or loan), 1099-INT (interest income), 1099-R (distribution from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRAs and insurance contracts) and 1099-OID (Original Issue Discount).

How do I enroll/sign up to receive Online Bank Documents?

  1. Sign on to e-Bankoh and go to "Documents". This will take you to a page that explains the Online Documents features. Click continue.
  2. Select the accounts that you would like to enroll.
  3. Read the terms and click "Submit" if you agree.

How often will I receive my Online Bank Documents?

You will receive Online Bank Documents as often as you previously received deposit account statements and notices. Eligible tax forms will become available starting with the 2017 tax season.

Will I be notified when my Online Bank Documents are ready to be viewed?

Yes, you'll receive an email notification when your Online Bank Documents are ready for viewing.

Can I look up my Online Bank Documents on the BOH Mobile Banking App?

No, Online Bank Documents can only be viewed, while signed on to e-Bankoh from a desktop computer.

Can I look up Online Bank Documents from previous months? How far back can I access my deposit account statements, notices and eligible tax forms?

Yes, you can securely access up to 24 months of Online Bank Documents. To view, download or print Online Bank Documents:

  1. Go to "Documents".
  2. Choose your preferred Online Document and account to search (Statements, Notices or Tax Forms) and click on "All Statements", "All Notices" or "All Tax Forms".
  3. Select the desired date of chosen document.
  4. To print a document, select the Printer icon from the menu bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. To save a document, select the Floppy Disk icon located on the menu bar.


For Online Bank Documents past the 24 months, please visit your nearest Bank of Hawaii branch for assistance.