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General Use FAQs

General Questions

Update Phone Numbers

Bank of Hawaii may occasionally contact you by phone so that we can better service your accounts. Correct phone numbers, especially mobile numbers, will help us contact you quickly.

You can update your phone numbers while on e-Bankoh, go to the "All" menu. Choose "Settings" then "Email and Phone Numbers". This will take you to the "Manage Contact Information" page where you can make your desired changes. You will be presented with a one-time security code validation step in order to complete the request.

Update E-mail Address

Bank of Hawaii uses e-mail to send you notices about enhancements, system and service updates and other information about e-Bankoh and e-Bankoh Bill Pay. E-mail is also the primary method for notifying you when new online bank documents are available for viewing.
Please keep your e-mail address current so you can receive this information on a timely basis. Update your e-mail address by going to the "All" menu and choosing "Settings" the "Email and Phone Numbers". This will take you to the "Manage Contact Information" page where you can update your e-mail address.

REMINDER: Bank of Hawaii will never send an e-mail asking you to confirm personal identifying information such as user names, passwords, account numbers, PIN or Social Security numbers. If at anytime you receive an e-mail that you feel is questionable, please contact our Customer Service Center for verification.

View Messages

The Message Center allows you to read and send secure messages to the Bank. These messages do not travel outside of the Online Banking system, so confidential data, such as account numbers or tax IDs, are secure. You can only read secure messages while logged onto e-Bankoh.

  • To read or reply to a secure message, go to "View Messages" from the "Accounts" page.
  • To write a new secure message, go to the "All" menu then, "Support", then "Contact Us".

Note: Secure messages are automatically deleted after 180 days.

Time Bill Payment Takes to Reach the Payee

Payments that are sent electronically normally takes 2-4 business days, while checks may take up to 5 business days to reach your Payee. While many of your scheduled Bill Payments can be made electronically, some still need to be made by check, which requires time in the mail. Every payment you make is backed by our Payment Guarantee. For a complete list of requirements, view the e-Bankoh Consumer Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

What I Can Do on e-Bankoh Online Banking

e-Bankoh Online Banking is full of features and functions that will make managing your finances a snap. Here are some of things you can do on e-Bankoh Online Banking:

  • Check your current account balances and transaction details on your checking and savings accounts and sort your transactions by date, amount, payee or check number
  • View details about your Bank of Hawaii checking and savings account transactions
  • View the front and back of your processed checks online
  • Review account summaries of your mortgage, time deposits, loans, credit cards, and IRAs
  • Use online self-service features
  • Update your e-Bankoh user ID, password, and e-mail address
  • Reorder checks
  • Receive online documents, such as bank statements, deposit account notices, and tax forms, in place of paper documents.
  • Set up alerts to help you manage your accounts better
  • Request that a payment be stopped on a check or a series of checks
  • Send a secure message or question to Customer Support via the Message Center
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Transfer funds to pay your Bank of Hawaii accounts (mortgage, home equity, installment loans, personal flexline, and covercheck accounts)
  • Schedule transfers for a future date or on a recurring basis
  • Download your financial information
  • Download your cleared account transactions from e-Bankoh directly into Microsoft Money® or Quicken® or even into a comma-separated file (CSV) for spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel®
  • Pay bills online, monthly fee may apply 
  • Send payments to nearly any person or business in the U.S. or Territories for a low monthly service fee
  • Pay your bills one at a time or schedule automatically recurring payments with funds from one or more checking accounts
  • Have confidence knowing that every payment you make is backed by our Payment Guarantee.

Update e-Bankoh Business Accounts

Print and fill forms available

Need to add/remove accounts, or to add/cancel Bill Pay?

Choose from the following business customer types below:

Changing Pending One-Time or Recurring Payments

Bill Pay gives you the flexibility to change any setting you've made with a Pending/Recurring payment. With this feature, you can:

  • Change the transmit date.
  • Change the payment amount.
  • Cancel/delete a one-time payment.
  • Cancel/delete recurring payments.

To make a change to a Pending/Recurring payment, select the "Edit" link option from the "Scheduled bill payments" link.

User IDs and Passwords

The e-Bankoh system allows upper-lowercase user IDs and passwords. Therefore, please be aware that "PassWord1" is not the same as "pAssword1."

If you have forgotten your User ID and/or password, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-643-3888, option 4, 2.

Signing on to e-Bankoh Online Banking on a recognized computer will present the option to reset your password using the "Forgot your password?" link.

Systems and Service Page

Scheduled System Maintenance

The e-Bankoh system will be unavailable for use Sundays between 2 AM and 6 AM Central Standard Time. This is for regular system maintenance. On occasion we may be performing special updates or adding new enhancements to the system, in which case the system may be down longer. During the fall and winter months, this maintenance period corresponds to 10 PM Saturday through 2 AM Sunday Hawaii Standard Time (HST). During the spring and summer, when the mainland is on Daylight Savings Time, this corresponds to 9 PM Saturday through 1 AM Sunday HST.

A Word About Security

You can bank over the Internet with Bank of Hawaii safely and confidently. All transactions are encrypted to protect your data against interception. And Bank of Hawaii's own computers are protected by firewalls to avert unauthorized access.

To help enhance your level of security when using e-Bankoh Online Banking, it is required that you use an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption will afford you the maximum privacy, reliability, and flexibility currently available when communicating over the Internet.

If your browser isn't equipped with 128-bit encryption, all you need to do is update your browser to the current version. Please click the following link for our full list of system requirements.

Do you need "cookies" to use e-Bankoh?
e-Bankoh requires "cookies" to access the service so we can manage your Internet session. If your browser has been set to reject all cookies (or it blocks cookies that allow sites to collect some personal information), you will not be able to sign on.

For more information about Security, including ways to prevent identity theft and protecting yourself against fraud, please visit our Security section.

System Requirements

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Setting Up Alerts

Alerts are a convenient way to be notified about account activities and you can choose to receive them via e-mail, text, or both. You can set up alerts to notify you when:

  • transfers are completed or if it failed
  • account minimum or maximum balances are reached
  • deposits are posted to the account
  • a certificate has reached its maturity

To set up an Alert:

  • Sign on to e-Bankoh Online Banking 
  • Go to "All" 
  • Click on "Settings" then choose "Alerts".
  • Review your e-mail and phone number and change if necessary.
  • Click the "Add" link next to the Alert you want to set up.
  • Select the parameters for that Alert and choose how you would like to receive the Alert by checking the e-mail and/or phone number box(es).
  • Click on the "Add this Alert" button

Searching for Transactions

To search for specific transactions that posted to your account:

  1. Go to "Activity".
  2. Choose the account to view.
  3. Select the date range you’d like to search through (up to 540 days of transactions are available).


System Requirements