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Imaging Service

Reduce paid check research time and storage costs.

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Bank of Hawaii’s Imaging Service offers a convenient way to store and retrieve paper-based check, deposit slip, debit & credit notices, and statement images on CD-Rom. Add on the convenient online access and gain next business day image viewing from the convenience of your desktop through eVision Service. Imaging Service significantly decreases research time and effort so you can respond to inquires from customers and vendors more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, your staff can view Positive Pay exception items online to expedite pay and return decisions. With eVision your company can balance its accounts without having to wait for mail delivery of your statements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides images of paper items and statement pages
  • CD-Rom provided at the end of each statement cycle for your long-term storage
  • Improves security of paid checks and reduces need for check storage space
  • Increases access to paid check images
  • Reduces manual effort in handling paid checks
  • eVision online access to paper items including deposits and statements
  • Images of paid checks and paper-based items available online the business day after posting and retained for 24 months
  • Statement images are available online within five business days after cycle end and remain viewable online for 90 days