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Commercial Letter of Credit

An instrument to facilitate your import transaction.

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If your business conducts domestic or international trade, a Commercial Letter of Credit1 from Bank of Hawaii can help move the process along. It is our irrevocable, written commitment on behalf of our clients to make payment to their sellers or suppliers if the Letter of Credit terms and conditions are met. It bridges time and distance, and increases the speed of business in a shrinking world.

Service features:

  • An Irrevocable undertaking by a bank on behalf of a buyer to pay seller if the Letter of Credit terms and conditions are met
  • Substitutes the known and accepted credit standing of the issuing bank for that of the buyer
  • Facilitates movement of goods and services across international and domestic boundaries
  • Based entirely on the passage of documents between the seller, the bank(s) and the buyer
  • Requires strict compliance of terms and conditions by all parties
  • Helps prevents contract default
  • Independent, separate and distinct from the underlying transaction of goods and services
  • Issued at sight or for a term
1. Application and credit approval required.