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Julia Temple Davis Brown Foundation

Area Served: Hawaii - Statewide
Proposal Due: April 1st

Because of the limited size of the Trust, the Distribution Committee prefers to give fewer, but more meaningful grants to qualified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations within the State of Hawaii.   The priority is to focus on youth and youth programs relating to culture and arts, and the environment.  The committee does not give to endowments, reserve purposes, or deficit financing, nor does it make grants to individuals.

Foundation Documents:
  - Historical Background (PDF)

Program Information

Support is provided for programs that better the lives of youth in the state of Hawaii.

Fields of Interest:
  - Arts & Culture
  - Environment

Specific Eligibility Criteria:
  - Commitment of school principal (if applicable)

Foundation Documents for Program Grants:

Grant Application Information (PDF)

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